It’s All Energy

My name is Vincent Moroz, CD, MBA, CRA-RT, and my interest in wellness began when I realized I could no longer rely on youth to remain healthy. My drive to understand the changes brought about by life’s natural stages led me to realize there was no magic pill, I had to be actively involved in my own health if I wanted to be healthy.

The modalities I practice are complimentary (works alongside conventional treatment), not alternative (used instead of conventional treatment). There are no cross-treatment reactions or medication concerns, therefore if you are undergoing any form of conventional medical treatment you can safely receive energy medicine at the same time. I am a strong supporter of informed consent and client choice. For more information what I do click on About Therapy. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at these means:

I am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association, and, a HeartMath +Heart Facilitator.   Canadian Reiki Association Logo

A CALL OUT!   I am providing volunteer sessions to individuals with chronic conditions that would like to seriously address their own health through energy medicine & biofield therapy.  I would like to include veterans, military personnel, penitentiary and police officers, first-responders, and trauma care workers who are suffering from the stress that comes with the job. As a former federal peace officer and infantry sergeant with an operational tour (as well as an operations manager in business) I am no stranger to high stress, long-hours, shift-work, and the negative effects these have on health. It can build over time and insidiously become our new normal, or, we can suffer a work-related shock to our psyche that locks us into post-traumatic stress response, robbing us of the joy in life we all richly deserve.