It’s All Energy

My name is Vincent Moroz, CD, MBA, CRA-RP, and my interest in wellness really began when I realized I could no longer rely on mere youth to remain healthy. My drive to understand and address the changes brought about by life’s natural stages led me down avenues that included nutrition, fitness, and how my own attitudes were dictating my life outcomes. I eventually realized that there was no magic pill, no single solution, to achieving the balance that ultimately leads to wellness. A lack of balance was leading to my lack of wellness.

As a former federal peace officer and infantry sergeant with an operational tour (as well as an operations manager in business) I am no stranger to long hours, difficult situations, stress and their negative effects on health. It can build over time and become our new normal, or we can suffer a shock to our psyche that locks us into post-traumatic stress response. The result often robs us of the joy in life we all richly deserve.

This is a call-out to all those employed in the military, penitentiaries, police and other first-responders or trauma-care positions. Taking care of yourself is not weakness, it is wisdom. Please see the link on biofield therapy and PTSD on the Research page for more information on how Reiki can assist you in returning to a state of balance.

The therapies I offer are complimentary (works alongside conventional treatment), not alternative (used instead of conventional treatment). There are no cross-treatment reactions or medication concerns, therefore if you are undergoing any form of conventional medical treatment you can safely also receive biofield therapy at the same time. I am a strong supporter of informed consent and client choice. For more information what I do click on About Therapy.

Booking Appointments

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, I am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association. Appointment times are available evenings and weekends. To book an appointment, or for more information, please contact me at:

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