It’s All Energy

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, I offer Reiki, and, Colour Sound Therapy ®. I am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

By appointment only. To better serve you appointment times are available evenings and weekends. To book an appointment, or for more information, please contact me at:

The therapies I offer are complimentary (works alongside conventional treatment), not alternative (used instead of conventional treatment). If you are undergoing any form of conventional medical treatment you are encouraged to discuss the therapies I offer with your medical practitioner prior to booking an appointment with me.

Clinical research suggests that Reiki and other energy/biofield therapies demonstrate promise for reduction of pain and anxiety in a variety of patient cases. One study also suggest that these same therapies may provide benefits to those suffering from dementia by lessening negative behaviours while being well tolerated by patients. For more on clinical research please view the Research page.

I am a supporter of informed consent and client choice.

News and Views

The information available to us is constantly being added to through research. As we begin to fill in the gaps of our scientific knowledge it causes us to rethink that which we currently believe. Opportunities to sort through information and misinformation emerge that would not previously have been possible. Wellness is potentially tied to a number of different avenues of information, thus, I will be adding in links to research from a variety of sources from mainstream research to quantum physics which can be found in the menus at the bottom of the page. I present it for your consideration.